Beaverton School Report

The Oregonian on February 16th, reports on this tax, “property taxes will increase by 25 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, resulting in a $709 school construction-related tax bill for the owner of the typical home, assessed at $303,000. If voters say no, the tax rate will fall 41 cents per $1,000, resulting in a $509 tax bill for school construction debt on such a home.”

The Taxpayers Association made phone interviews between March 10th and 21st, with concerned Beaverton citizens on how this tax would impact them. Here is what some of them said:

“Voters need to realize that this school bond measure affects not just property owners, but renters too.”
Mary, R

“Gas prices are up almost double, food costs up 10-15%, as well as increasing water and electric bills. I am on a fixed income - how am I supposed to come up with the money to cover all of these cost increases at the same time?”
Susan C.
Beaverton senior

“The district continues to ask for more and more money from taxpayers and there is never an end to it.”
Linda Owen
Beaverton senior

“Right now, we seniors are experiencing the worst inflation in 40 years -- sky-high food costs and through-the-roof gas prices. This is not a smart time to approach the public with this tax measure.”
Richard M.
Beaverton senior

“There couldn’t be a worse time to raise property taxes! They are already sticking it to us.”
Thomas M.
Beaverton senior

“I was watching the television and saw this food line that spanned four blocks. I thought it was for Ukraine refugees, but it was in the United States. It reminded how we have problems here at home and raising taxes is not going to solve it, but instead make it worse.”
K. Hall
Beaverton senior

“My 2020 Property taxes went up by 6%. I requested an appeal and was ignored. I live in Beaverton where my tax dollars, a few years ago, paid for a new high school located on Scholls Ferry. I am now expected to pay additional taxes for another high school…”
Sean H.
Beaverton resident

Some citizens have been contacting our office concerned over the price of the school bond. We did some research and here is what we found: To build the schools it will cost NERALY DOUBLE what it would cost to build the same two schools in other states. According to a construction estimate firm, “When it comes to school facilities, the costs range between $341 and $417.” per square foot. On the Beaverton High School portion of the bond it is costing taxpayers $866 / square foot (double the average). On the Raleigh Hills K-8 school portion of the bond it is costing taxpayers $705 / square foot (Nearly double the average). Another estimate from also shows that Beaverton school costs seem to be way above average.

This is a statement we plan to share with voters:

Here are 10 Reasons to vote No on measure 13-133

1. This tax will cost many homeowners $703 in higher taxes

2. This amounts to a 37% increase in the Beaverton Public Schools property tax

3. The $790 million school bond is priced nearly DOUBLE what it cost to build schools (1)

4. The $790 million school bond is happening while enrollment has dropped by over 2,000 students (2)

5. Oregonians already pay more property taxes than national state average. (3)

6. Oregon city, county and state government are not poor but in fact very rich and wasteful. Total Oregon government spending (as % of GDP) ranks in the top 10 in the nation. (4)

7. A $709 property tax will be devastating to seniors on limited income.

8. A $709 property tax will be on top of the $3,000 in higher costs associated with higher gas prices and grocery/consumer prices upon the average family as reported by Yahoo Finance News (5)

9. The property tax painfully hits small businesses as some are already paying for a 17% small business tax increase (2021) and a gas tax increase (2022).

10. The school bond includes a highly questionable and controversial $50 million management fund.

Sources: (1) Western U.S. average between $341 and $ (2) (3) Tax Foundation, State and Local Tax Burdens 2019 (4) State & Local government spending Rank % of GDP 2021, (5) Yahoo Finance, Inflation and Record High Gas Prices, 3/8/22